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Much of the community was under 6 feet 1. Hurricane Betsy , a Category Three storm, hit the area in , causing extensive wind damage and moderate flooding. In , Metairie made history when one of its districts elected white supremacist David Duke to the Louisiana state legislature for a single term.


1st Lake | Explore Fat City and Nearby 1st Lake Apartments

On August 29, , Hurricane Katrina caused a new migration from Orleans Parish, because housing was needed to replace what had been destroyed in the flooding of the city. It has been a racially neutral migration, with equal numbers of black and white residents moving to Jefferson Parish. The Census showed that Metairie has increasingly become more diverse.

Veterans Boulevard was laid out alongside a drainage canal , and became a commercial center of the region. Metairie also has one of the handful of major malls located in the New Orleans metro area. Lakeside Shopping Center is the highest-grossing mall in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

In the s and early s, an area of bars and nightclubs opened in a section of Metairie known as "Fat City", which is now the most racially diverse area in the New Orleans metropolitan area and is home to a vibrant restaurant scene. Metairie is located in eastern Jefferson Parish and is bordered by New Orleans to the east, Kenner to the west, Lake Pontchartrain to the north, and the Illinois Central Railroad tracks to the south. It is a principal community in Greater New Orleans. According to the U. The climate of Metairie has been classified as humid subtropical.

Like the city of New Orleans, it has short, generally mild winters and hot, humid summers. The average precipitation is As of the census , [7] there were , people living in Metairie. As of the Census, there were 39, families residing in Metairie. The population density was 6, There were 67, housing units, at an average density of 2, There were 63, households out of which The average household size was 2. In Metairie the population is spread out with The median age was 40 years.

For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 6.

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In Metairie, Due to Spanish and French colonial influence, Metairie and the surrounding area have an overwhelming Catholic populace. Jul 6, - am. Meet the New Orleanian who became a one-woman prison-reform movement. Jul 5, - am.

Fat City Gets Gentrified

Jul 4, - am. The archbishop who led New Orleans in prayer -- and desegregation. Jul 3, - am. The Hollygrove kid who became a pop-culture sensation. Jul 1, - am.


She was New Orleans' deep-pocketed guardian angel. Jun 30, - am. His menu, like his restaurant, was a microcosm of New Orleans. Jun 29, - am. Meet the man whose name has become synonymous with Louisiana spice. Jun 28, - am. The doctor who's helping keep New Orleans' jazz traditions alive.

Fat City - New Orleans Forum

Jun 27, - am. How a sickly year-old became 'the South's most useful citizen'. Jun 26, - am. The boxer who put down his gloves and took up a cause. Jun 24, - am. The beloved banjoist who rescued New Orleans' brass band tradition. Jun 23, - am. The dynamic duo behind one of New Orleans' most cherished jazz venues. Jun 22, - am.

The 'doctor' who changed the sound of New Orleans radio. Jun 21, - am. The woman who put New Orleans at the center of America's ballet universe. Jun 20, - am. Didn't he 'Ramble': The jazz great who 'discovered' Louis Armstrong. Jun 19, - am. Jun 17, - am. Meet the New Orleans man who built an empire on overripe bananas.

Jun 16, - am. The man whom Louis Armstrong called 'the finest trumpeter' in New Orleans. Jun 15, - am.

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She was the champion of New Orleans' championless. Jun 14, - am. Previously, Eddie had frequented a bar named the Gazebo in Lakeview where Leanne, a pretty bar maid worked. The two bar maids were Leanne and Maria, a nurse who did part-time Bar pouring. The first mishap took place there. A dark-haired, fair-skinned beauty was the bartender and was shot in her face, having been killed by her ex-boyfriend. What a loss of beauty and magnificent loveliness. I will always remember my first trip to Don Quixote. My office was downtown New Orleans and I had met a business acquaintance from Dallas in the French Quarters where we had a few drinks.

I urged him to go with me to see what was happening in the Metairie area that would eventually be called Fat City. Instead of taking him to Que Pasa where there was sure to be at least a small group, I brought him to the new up-scale Don Quixote. It was there that I had my first Martini ever. Having a few drinks in the French Quarter followed by three and a half Tanqueray Martinis, roused my curiosity about the Don Quixote metal statue near the dance floor. My Dallas associate had already left. Each time I jerked it up, the spear head jabbed the ceiling.

Not having two nickles, not even a dime, I asked Roy, and he gave me two nickles to make my call. I then told Roy, that he better call the deputies, because we were going to wipe the place up if he insisted on putting me out.

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