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  2. Murder, Smoke and Shadows
  3. Smoke and Shadows by Joanne Van Leerdam | Blurb Books
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Favorite track: Flow Into The Sea. Nemanja Mijailovic. Fred Johnson. Gregory Hasbrouck. Justin Wittenmeier. Joe Mooney. Panagiotis Krokidas. Divine Doom. Brandon Collins. Cherd of Doom. Master of Muppets. Jack Cat. Philippe Mueller. Iwein Denayer.

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Rick Brose. Kile Deal. Michael Sedlmayr. Inner Reflexions. Greg Kouris. Richard Saunders. Steve Mellor. Peter Jones. Tym E. Phillip Walmsley. Smoke And Shadows official t-shirt. Small label on the back with the initials of the band name.

Be sure to include the variation that you want when ordering. Purchasable with gift card. Sold Out. Rivers The Dreaming Soul Forgotten Shadows The Light That Fades Apocalypse In Your Mind Shrouded In Mourning Time As the conversation builds in intensity, so does the music.

If you follow the threads, they will lead you to the end of the first disc, and into the second.

That is where the band kicks into a higher gear, spinning Ornette Coleman-like textures and Miles Davis-like jams. Excellent and distinctive bass playing powers J. By the end of disc 2, you are transformed. The level we achieved here was cathartic. Once a group of musicians goes through this, they reach a point where everyone moves beyond previous limits. All of us have played free before, and each of us have drawn from our experiences. This time we went beyond them. With this much material available, the unique aspects of each album stand out more.

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Collectively improvised by a group of musicians familiar with each other and this format, this music evolves, dialogues, breathes, transforms, and expresses in a number of ways. Smoke Shadows comes at a time when there is a core group of musicians that know each other well as players. In addition to their work here, many play together in other groups, or have a history of jamming and performing.

Mike Ohm and Sheldon Peterson play together in Potato Battery, a jazz-fusion group with its first album just released. This is also an athletic group of musicians.

Murder, Smoke and Shadows

This music is all about listening, but when the thread is captured, being able to follow through on the ideas is critical. Working with players who can take you in any direction at a moments notice demands skill combined with trained reflexes, yet the fun, spontaneity and joy that comes from making music can never be forgotten.

It is a balancing act that the band executes flawlessly. The musicians chosen and collected to play this music are also chosen for reasons. They are creative, aggressive, and challenging individuals who are used to expressing themselves. This comes through in Smoke Shadows in great depth.

Smoke and Shadows by Joanne Van Leerdam | Blurb Books

The turbulence and intensity of the time in which these recordings was made is reflected in the way the music evolved and the frenetic nature of some of its development. The desire for peace and the friendship and joy of making music also tone the sound, giving Smoke Shadows moments of simple beauty, yet the intensity is never totally released. Finally, this is a group of conscious people, trying to evolve at a time when society seems to be de-evolving, turning back on itself with renewed hatred. Lots of bands have made the claim, but this music is truly unique, one-of-a-kind, and unharnessed.

If you want a taste of what musicians freed from the constraints of commercialism will do, check out Smoke Shadows.

Listen to Shadows & Smoke now.

You might find yourself humming a guitar solo or two. Randy Hetherington cover photo Sue Buck cover design The music that resulted is a conversation about these tumultuous times. We always tune into each other when we play, but this time, we did so more intensely, more deeply, and discovered we understand ourselves and each other better because of it. We played through the smoke and shadows, and we made music.

Log in to write a review. Log in. Song Artist name. Thriller J. Rolling Thunder Over Baghdad J.

Matthew Perryman Jones - Living in the Shadows - Love, Death & Robots OST

Driftin Again J. Chasin Rickie J. Pushin It J. Feelin Good J. Jayson's Strut J. Dreams J.