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  1. May 1968 and the revolt of the lycéens
  2. Benjamin Britten
  3. [Débat en +] Valérie Lemercier s'ennuie ferme au "Grand Journal" de Canal Plus : gênant ?
  4. Singable text: when composers make it tricky

His main areas of interest are Avant-garde and modernist French film and literature, especially Dada and Surrealism in France and French cinema.

May 1968 and the revolt of the lycéens

Are you happy? The educational potential of the DVD is vast, not only for students and teachers of film production, history, theory and criticism — as well as those interested specifically in post-WWII French society, politics and culture — but in its constant raising of questions around the psychology, sociology and philosophy of everyday life and work.

But the most striking aspect of the interviews is the sense of absurdity, pent-up aggression and pathos with which participants describe their lives, particularly their jobs. The human aspirations, vulnerability, frustrations, anger and misery expressed in the film come across acutely, translated or not sub-titles tend in places more towards paraphrase than translation but overall give a decent rendition of the dialogue.

Is film unavoidably tied to a sort of quantum law, whereby filmmakers and their apparatus can never observe a subject without changing the nature of that subject? Can the racism of an interviewee be overlooked if it comes from a Holocaust survivor? What is the role played by sexual desire and gender politics, conscious or unconscious, by directors in their choice of subjects and editing? Alice follows the hasty hare and falls into Wonderland, a fantasy world populated by peculiar creatures and governed by the wicked Queen of Hearts.

Benjamin Britten

A world where nothing makes sense! This amazing tale is a brilliant mix of fantasy, farcical satire and nonsense, where Alice encounters a twisted cast of unforgettable characters. Lewis Carroll takes us into the children's world of make-believe where the height of adventure is limited only by the depths of imagination. Enjoy all the enchantement of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece in two languages thanks to this bilingual edition, unabridged and fully illustrated by Sir John Tenniel, where french and english texts are in parallel all along the book.

[Débat en +] Valérie Lemercier s'ennuie ferme au "Grand Journal" de Canal Plus : gênant ?

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Singable text: when composers make it tricky

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They say poetry is what gets lost in et cetera, but humor might be even more often misplaced. Not getting the joke is a common form of not catching the music. Is what we have here a terrible translation, or fake-terrible, or fake-fake-terrible?

The tears are falling in my heart The way the rain falls on the city; What is this languorous dart That pierces through my heart? Oh, gentle sound of the rain, On the ground and on the roofs! Tears are falling for no reason In this, my heartsick heart.