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One parent floored and upset, and the other hoping he will change his ways. Success is what Logan is all about so just maybe he might have learned something. Next, an important player is introduced as we meet the Prime Minister himself Erick Freeman whose morning is destroyed when made aware of a serious situation and decisions involving his three ministers would have to be made. Just what part does he play in all of this and why is his government unable to control all of the crime and murders taking place in his country. Threats were being issued all over to many top officials including the Prime Minister and the head of Criminal Investigations.

Slaughters, murders, cover-ups and many lives lost because procedures were not followed, greed got in the way and one Caribbean country became riddled with crime you could barely see through the dense fog and fires that often lit up the sky. D Chief Inspector Robert Palmer knew that it was by a stroke of luck he had come upon the evidence needed that someone in the government was corrupt and cost his detective his life and he needed to watch more than just his back.

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Author J. Lane has set the stage with her expert craftsmanship and intricate where many players who think they are strong will learn at the hand of others they are not. Some fall prey to the wiles of women while others fall prey to the brilliance of this author who weaves a dangerous plot for each one of them hoping that the maze will allow them a solid path of escape.

Who will bring down some powerful government officials and how will they do it? Who is the man that is working with those involved and how will they pull it off in order to bring some respectability back into the country and hopefully rid them of all the drug trafficking. Just who can be trusted? The plot really gets more intricate as many other players are brought into it and the reader begins to wonder just who can really be trusted and who was behind the murders of five innocent people that let to more than just their deaths.

Yet, an invitation from Logan would change it all for both him and Lauren.

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Would the police end the search for the killers by finding out who is really behind the murders? Would they be able to stop what both sides have planned? Detective Doran is on the case and is trying to sort out what really happened that day that caused five innocent people to be killed at the marina. The Prime Minister is assassinated and chaos breaks out. Erick Freeman was not exactly the epitome of what a minister should be nor did he have the ethics one needed for the job.

The murder being investigated and two ministers resigned. Logan concerned about Lauren and end game about to be played when a definite twist the plot occurs as the web just might entangle a bit but the ending will leave room for much more. What happens between Logan and Lauren when certain realities come to light? Just who is behind the murders and what will happen to those involved? Where will the killer strike next and just when will the drug cartel be taken down?

The answers to these questions will only be answered when you read this fast paced definitely well written book with more surprises than you will expect and an ending that leads the reader to hope that Logan, Lauren and the entire cast of characters might be back for more. Loyalties are tested and friendships are frayed as the truths come out and the police try to close in on a killer. But, will they? Lane keeps the reader on edge from page one until you read the last page and find out the dramatic ending. But, is this over? Only the author knows the answer to that. Fran Lewis: reviewer Mar 07, Jan Ryder rated it it was amazing.

The Tangled Web is a thrilling, complex mystery with a large cast of characters. While the action ranges across the globe, most scenes take place on an unnamed Caribbean island. In the process innocent locals are slaughtered. Lauren Andersen, a strong-willed and principled investigative reporter, links the shocking event to a prominent Island family.

On The Tangled Web is a thrilling, complex mystery with a large cast of characters. On a pretext she arranges to interview one family member, Logan Armstrong, an entertainment mogul. Lauren becomes further entangled when her favourite Aunt, a government minister on the Island, asks her to deliver a package to London, no questions asked. What deadly secret is her Aunt concealing, and is Logan Armstrong part of it? Slowly, she discovers the truth as honest politicians and the drugs cartel battle it out, each employing drastic measures to gain control of the Island.

There are twists and turns aplenty in this suspense-filled story. Throughout, J. Lane paints vivid word pictures that bring the locations alive, from the lush tropical scenery to the October chill of a cobbled Prague street. And J. Lane writes terrific bad guys. The interplay between the beautiful, vicious drugs cartel leader, Maria Echevarria and her lover and problem fixer , Jorge Rojas, sizzles with passion and menace. Also, there are wonderful portraits of competing assassins: one a clinical and ruthless killer, the other a veteran hit man fulfilling the contract out of fear for his family.

The many character introductions in the first half of the book needed patience and concentration, but once they were over this intriguing story took off. Despite these minor stumbles, The Tangled Web gets five stars from me for J. Like a spiders web this is a well woven story of intrigue, corruption and the matter of who will solve the problem of Governmental greed and subterfuge. The Prime Minister of a small yet beautiful Caribbean island is as corrupt and greedy as the day is long. Can a man be so power hungry that he is willing to let his own country get swallowed by a world of drugs and let the have nots suffer in poverty while the wealthy and elite benefit from the crime that results from it.

Can a small group of gove Like a spiders web this is a well woven story of intrigue, corruption and the matter of who will solve the problem of Governmental greed and subterfuge. Can a small group of government officials take matters into their own hands to rid the country of a scourge who will drag them into poverty and crime. Can a Cartel insenced by his greed come to the conclusion that he needs to be cut out of the equation? The question remains as to which group will beat the other to the punch. Meanwhile love is in the air between Lauren and Logan who have been dragged into the middle of the web with no way out but to go along with a horrible but necessary ride.

Can the police solve the murders of five tourists and an undercover police officer trying to catch the drug smugglers at their own game? Maybe but I am saying you need to buckle up an prepare for extreme turbulence on this trip. Lane has penned a riveting tale of corruption, murder and greed with great talent. There are a lot of players coming to the party so you need a score card but that just adds to the excitement. I give this one five golden palm trees for grabbing my attention and not letting me turn off the tablet. Kudos for faced paced storytelling and a hot plot.

Don't wait, buy this book today This thriller was loaded with suspense and action. Right from the start, the ride begins and it doesn't let up until the very last page, and even then, you are left with a feeling that the story doesn't end there Lane's writing is eloquent and incredibly descriptive, as she takes the reader on a trip around the world. Painting pictures so vividly with her words, that you may find yourself wishing you could plan a trip to visit the Caribbean to see the stunning scenery with your own eyes o This thriller was loaded with suspense and action.

Painting pictures so vividly with her words, that you may find yourself wishing you could plan a trip to visit the Caribbean to see the stunning scenery with your own eyes one minute, while then vowing to never go there the next, out of fear you may get murdered or worse in the midst of the crime and corruption that seems to breed there. This of course is fantastic for the story The obvious favorites amongst the characters are no doubt Logan and Lauren, however I found myself also taking a liking to one of the side stories involving Mike and Virginia.

"The Nightmare Room" Tangled Web (TV Episode ) - IMDb

No matter where you turn in this book, the diversity and details are superb, offering something for everyone and leaving no one behind. There isn't just one storyline, there are several. Each of which will have you hooked before you even realize you've been derailed, ensuring that you don't know a single strand of the mystery until J.

Lane decides it's time. My advice, don't fly too close to the web unless you plan to get caught. Once you're in There's trouble in paradise and it's up to a handful of the hierarchy to contain the problems. How they plan to accomplish this task is a matter of extreme sensitivity. Lauren Anderson is a nosy reporter. She's also the niece of an important government official.

Her Aunt Maggie is Minister of Finance of the exotic island they call home. As a favor to her aunt, she gets involved in a tangled web of conspiracy. Logan Armstrong is among the rich and elite of the island's upper class. There's an air o There's trouble in paradise and it's up to a handful of the hierarchy to contain the problems. There's an air of mystery around him that attracts Lauren when she goes out to interview him. What is it about the handsome, sexy, playboy that makes Lauren want to pull him close as well as push him away? The characters are well rounded and the plot compelling.

In fact, I think I fell a little bit in love lust with Logan myself as he pursued and charmed Lauren. I highly recommend "The Tangled Web" by JP Lane for anyone who likes their romance spiced up with political intrigue that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Drugs, Jamaica, Good people doing bad things, bad people doing unspeakable things.

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Somehow a man and women connect and attempt to form a relationship. The girl is not sure. Are they ever? A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Slick politicains get what they deserve. Good twists and turns. You do not have to be on drugs to follow. But a glass of wine would be nice. Good triumphs over evil until the very clever ending.

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